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November 18, 2011
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Wolverine cover by diablo2003 Wolverine cover by diablo2003
This is the cover Wolverine and the X-Men: Alpha and Omega #2 for Marvel comics. I've included all the steps that went into making the cover. No Copics on this one , I colored it all in photoshop. Marvel wanted a horror movie feel to go along with the story in the comics so I went with a Shining-Esq piece.

Step 1: Layout for Marvel's approval. They liked it but wanted Wolverine to be leaning farther forward like he's coming toward the viewer more.

Step 2: I pencil the piece working out all the details for the piece. No reference taken for this one, all done out of my head.

Step 3: Color roughs over the pencils so I get an idea of how I will color it in the final piece.

Step 4: I print the pencils out in non-photo blue on my Epson R1800 at 13"X19" on Strathmore bristol board and ink it using a Pentel brush pen and Copic Multiliners

Step 5: I rescan the piece back to my computer and color it in photoshop on my Cintiq 21UX using my original color rough as reference.
I get asked a lot how I scan in such large artwork on a standard scanner. I scan the piece in pieces and put it back together in photoshop.

Hope you dig!
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Keysersoze1221 Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  New member Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very, very nice...
Kaizer617 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
MageZheeva Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012
in the first pic
wolvy sit like a canibal
n d man moves his hands fulll of fear
as like he start to run
but in d bIG pic
they man knows he would die
is affraid of him
or need 2 suicide
Nightphoenix2 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Looks like a nightmare. If you see Wolverine from that angle, you're about to die!
ChargedGraphite Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012  Professional General Artist
Great stuff, bud. Never get's old.
Jimonouveau Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2012
Man really appreciate your descriptions. Interesting to hear the details like how marvel reacts to the layout etc. Nice progress layout.

Great art :)
yudesh01 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2012
coloring and ink work is amazing
Bigboss400 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I really appreciate that you break down your techniques, I mostly work in pencil and ink and have been fearing to whole Photoshop thing and really in a stage now where I have to relearn the whole process.
OLUDAYONBA Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Look awful, amazing. Wolverine while become to someone werewolf transformation of that craws.
Sipioc Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2011
Looks awesome!

So...random question, do you think Wolverine's teeth are adamantium too? Or even if they do fall out would they just grow back?
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