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November 17, 2011
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X-Men Legacy cover step-by-step by diablo2003 X-Men Legacy cover step-by-step by diablo2003
This is the step but step for the cover I did for X-Men Legacy #262 featuring Rogue for Marvel Comics. Here's the explanation for each image:

Step 1- I do a very rough sketch in about 15 minutes to submit to Marvel for approval of the concept.

Step 2- For this cover I wanted to get the subtle aspects of her pose so I called my friend Riki and had her pose for some reference photos. This are just for visual reference and not traced.

Step 3- The pencils where I work out the pose and all the little aspects of the costume. Everything after this will be built on this image.

Step 4- I do a very quick color job in photoshop over the pencils to figure out how I am going to render the markers. This keeps me from making mistakes when I get to the marker stage.

Step 5- I print the image out on non-photo blue and ink it using my Pentel brush pen and Copic multiliners on Strathmore drawing paper at 12"X24"

Step 6- The piece is rendered in warm and cool Copic markers using my original color rough as reference. I work light to dark carefully blending the markers as I go so it comes out smooth. I add highlights with white Prismacolor pencil and white acrylic. This step usually takes the longest.

Step 7- The piece is scanned in and colored in Photoshop on my Cintiq 21UX. At this stage I also make any slight adjustments that I find wrong. In this case I noticed her breasts were far too big so I used the free transform tool to tone them down and make them a bit smaller.

From there it's off to Marvel for approval!

Hope you dig!
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TheLiggi Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
Great Work!  Thanks for walking us through your process!!!
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Nice mini  tutorial, thanks.
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Fantastic, I almost can feel the emotion. Great work :thumbsup:
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Wow, great process!
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I love you.

Ok, that was weird. But you made my fave cover ever.
Thank you. Forever.
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Thanks for the step-by-step!
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muito bom seus desenhos gostaria que desse uma olhada nůs meus.
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