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new comic chat

Fri Mar 25, 2005, 7:12 AM
Hey guys,
   Deviantart just opened a new comics chatroom so you guys that want to draw comics someday or those that are already working in the biz should head on over and talk it up a bit. We all get better by pooling our collective talents so it's a great way to share your knowledge and possibly learn something new!…
   Also, I'll be attending the Deviantart Summit in L.A. in June and wanted to solicit ideas for for the class I'll be teaching. If you have any ideas please let me know and I'll keep a list. Thinggs like page layout, cover design, and anatomy are always fun to teach but I want to know what YOU would like to hear about. There will be other comic pros attending too so there will be a whole gaggle of things you can come and learn about.

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September happenings

Tue Sep 7, 2004, 4:03 PM
Sharpen those pencils!!!!

Well, it's that time again! I'm still working out the details of the prizes and will have them updated on Monday but I wanted to give you guys the word on the new September theme so you could get started over the weekend if you like.
The Capcom contest was HUGE to say the least and I wanted to do something that would be equally as cool while, at the same time, would challenge everyone to come up with something new and different to draw so here it is!:
Draw ANY character or group or characters. That's it, just draw any character you want whether it's from comics, video games, anime, cartoons, movies, books, WHATEVER!! It could be Spike Speigel, The Bride from Kill Bill, Wolverine, or the entire cast of Sesame Street. It doesn't matter since any character from pop culture is acceptable.
Now here's the catch( come on, you knew it was coming). You have to draw them as MECHS!!! What's a mech you might ask? Well, a mech is one of those giant robots you see in popular anime like Robotech, Gundam, Voltron, or Five Star Stories. All you have to do is take any character or group of characters of your choosing and draw them in a mech form. The only limits are your imagination and the requirement that the character be recognizable in their mech form. And, of course, there are no collaberations allowed for official entries. Any medium is allowed so choose your weapon and get drawing!!
As always, post up your intent to enter here in this thread and, if you have any good links to mech reference, post them here as well to help out your fellow board members.

Just go to… and check out the contest and post your intent to enter. If you're not a Drawstick board member yet just register and you'll be good to go!

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Capcom art contest!!

Sun Aug 1, 2004, 11:32 AM
Sharpen those pencils!!!!

Hey guys, we got a new contest running this month over on Drawstick. It involves designing characters for either Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, or Street Fighter. We got some cool prizes and there's no limit to the number of entries so head over and read all about it . There's some amazing talent on Deviantart and I'm stoked to see what you guys can come up with!…

UPDATE!!! Udon has thrown their hat into the ring and agree to sponsor prizes! There's been an update to the prize list with more to come shortly!:

1st place winner:
-A copy of the Capcom 2004 Summer Special only available at the San Diego Comicon with a sketch done by Mark on the cover.
- A copy of Capcom Design Works imported from Japan with over 200 pages of full color illustrations from the world of Capcom
-A copy of Street Fighter #8 signed by the artist
-An 11X17 lithiograph of Mark's Street Fighter #8 cover signed
-A full set of the Street Fighter 1-8 holofoil covers!!

2nd place winner:
-A copy of the Capcom 2004 Summer Special only available at the San Diego Comicon with a sketch done by Mark on the cover.
-A signed copy of Street Fighter #8
-An 11X17 lithiograph of Mark's Street Fighter #8 cover signed.

3rd place winner:
--A copy of the Capcom 2004 Summer Special only available at the San Diego Comicon with a sketch done by Mark on the cover.
-A signed copy of Street Fighter #8


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Sun Jun 6, 2004, 9:12 PM
Slowly starting to represent

Well, it's official. I finally got a messageboard set up for all those that would like to join and talk about art or whatever strikes you. I'll be dropping in to chat and keep things on the level as well as showing sketches and updating you fine folks on book release dates. Heck, I may even be able to give a few critiques and feedback to you guys who have honored me with requests to look at your work. Hope to see you there!
Official Drawstick forum:


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Q and A and sketchbook info

Sat May 1, 2004, 9:53 PM
Could my journal entry BE and longer?

Big thanks to Jark and Spyed for the warm welcome to their fine site here as well as a big thanx to everyone that's dropped by and commented on my artwork!! You guys make my job worth doing so it's extremely appreciated. I wish that I could reply to every comment you guys leave as well as all the kind notes you send but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I hope to get around to answering all the notes at some point so please bare with me=).
   I wanted to try and answer some of the questions I get asked almost daily in this journal entry so everyone can see them since a lot of them are repeat questions.

Why are you here on Deviant art?
   Originally, I simply needed a place to store my artwork so I could send links to people through e-mail instead of attaching large files. I thought I would go pretty unnoticed since I don't have an avatar or really told anyone I was here but people seemed to have found me. I don't have any sort of agenda or anything but if someone buys one of my books the next time they're in their local shop because they saw my work here, I really can't complain=).

Why don't you have an Avatar? Get an avatar!!!
   I've been meaning to do that but haven't had the time or energy. I swear I'll get around to it eventually. Maybe I'll have a contest for someone to design a avatar since I seem to be a retard at getting one done-HAHA!
EDIT: Captainslag was cool enouph to make up a really dope avatar for me so I now have one for my main page. Do the guy a solid and drop by to see his work at . Props to him for doing this for me!

What's it like working for Marvel?
  Um well, it's pretty fun but I work my ass off daily and have very little free time. I think there's a misconception that I actually 'WORK' for Marvel but the truth is that I'm a freelancer like most artists on Marvel books so I don't technically work for Marvel but am contracted through them to produce art for their books. Same goes for the other companies I've done work for (Darkhorse, Dreamwave, Image, etc.)

What kind of ink do you use?
     This one's easy- none. Most of the artwork you see in my gallery is pencils only. I don't ink my work but when I do have inks, they're normally done by a professional inker and not me since I'm simply a penciler. Check the description under each entry and it says what went into the piece. If it says for example "pencils by me and colors by Danimation" then it's simply that, pencils and colors, no inks.

What program do you use to color?
    I think this is another misunderstanding by some people. Most of the work in my gallery is only penciled by me and colored by someone else. The 4 colorists you'll find in my gallery are Gary Yeung, Edgar Delgado, Seed, and of course Danimation who makes up the bulk of the colors in my gallery. I have been known to color from time to time and you can see some of it in my gallery under pieces like Fooly Cooly or Ultimate Captain America. Check the description line under each piece to see who did what. When I do color, I use Photoshop 5.5.  I believe Gary, Edgar, Seed, and Danimation all use PS 7.0 mixed with a little painter.

What did you do to get to work for Marvel?
    Very simple, I worked my ass off. I draw everyday for hours and constantly practiced. I draw from my imagination and from real life to always keep myself sharp. If you want to work in comics you have to be able to draw EVERYTHING!!!! This means anything from a car exploding to a coffee mug, a dog to a tree, and all types of people. Meaning good looking young people, old people, fat or skinny, and black, white or Asian. Got all that? Good, now be able to draw a quality page in about 8 hours everyday. Be constantly open to feedback from other people and be prepared to have your feelings hurt because the best critiques are brutally honest. Once you get to the level that you think you're ready to try your hand professionally, go out to conventions and meet as many people as you can. Learn about the industry and what it takes to work here. Don't be afraid to start small for indy book often working for free because this is where you'll do your most growing and improving. It's hard and most people don't realize how difficult it is until you get your foot in the door. Be prepared to put everything you have into your art and do it because you love it. It's the only way to keep yourself from going crazy.

How did you learn to draw? did you go to school?
   I drew all through grade school and high school and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design for a couple of years but most of my ability came from drawing as much as possible. For years I would fill an entire sketchbook in about a month. You can be taught to draw but most of your skill will come from simply sitting down and drawing. Listen to what other artists tell you and be open to critiques and pointers since you can learn from others experience and apply them to your artwork.

Can you look at my gallery and give me some pointers?
   I get asked this more than anything else and wish to god I could oblige everyone in this request. I'm extremely honored that people would ask me to view their work but it would be a disservice to the artist if I can only give 1 or 2 sentence critiques like "work on your anatomy" or "draw from real life more". These don't really help an artist since you really don't know what these comments mean without more explanation. I like to give very detailed critiques but I simply don't have the free time to give an artist here the attention they deserve. There are, however, many extremely skilled artists here on DA that I've seen give some very good critiques so I would suggest cruising the message boards and seeking these artists out. They're a wealth of knowledge.

How can I get one of your 2004 Sketchbooks?
   Okay, I think I've finally worked out a method to get sketchbooks to all those people that have asked for them. I've set up a Hotmail account at . What you need to do is shoot me an e-mail saying you would like a sketchbook. I will reply with info and an order form you can print out giving detailed info for shipping costs. I will ship both in and outside the US so shoot me an e-mail and I'll get back to you ASAP. The sketchbooks are ashcan size with 38 pages of sketches, finished linework, and character mock-ups most of which has never been seen in print. Each sketchbook is $10 plus shipping and random sketchbooks will have a small sketch drawn on the inside cover.  If you would like to see the cover to the sketchbook, look at the '2004 Sketchbook' entry under my gallery.

Thanks guys and I look forward to posting more artwork!!
-Mark Brooks

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hey guys,
   Thanks a ton for all the comments and words of encouragement! I feel that my artwork has a long way to go but I'm glad you guys think I'm on the right track.
    On November 20th-23, I will be attending the Wizard World Texas convention in Dallas Texas and will be selling copies of my 2004 sketchbook featuring never before seen sketches as well as 4 centerfold color pages. I'm producing a limited run to sell during the convention season for 2004 but will have advance copies in Texas. They're only $10 or $15 with a sketch in the back. Just look for the tall skinny guy with spikey hair and yellow horn-rimmed sunglasses. I'm not a shy person you shouldn't be either, just come up and say hello! For an advanced look at the sketchbook cover, check out the latest entry into my gallery.

Hope to see you there!
Hey guys,
   Thanks a ton for allt he great comments and it was an honor to have one of my pieces as a daily favorite even though I think Danimation deserves most of the credit. There's a new hardback book coming out this week entitled 'Transformers: Genesis- the art of the Transformers'. It's basically a large book edition with a ton of original artwork created by various professional artists including Pat Lee, Don Guici and a ton of others. I have a handful of pieces appearing in the book so, to honor the release, I will be posting 1 image every day for the next week featuring some of your favorite Transformers. The book will be released this Wednesday so check with your retailer for a copy and check back here daily for the new updated image.

Ramblings from an insomniac:First off, thanks to all those that have commented for the warm welcome and the excellent feedback. Warms my heart to the core=).
  Not sure what to write here or how this sort of thing works but I'll do my best to improvise. As far as what's going on with me, been hard at work finishing a secret project for Marvel Comics along with starting up Cable/Deadpool for Marvel which will be written by Fabian Necieza. I've been primarily a cover artist up until now so doing interior pages is a whole new world for me but, as stressful as it is, it's a whole lot of fun!

More soon!
-MarkMy hand hurts...............